Wardrobe clearouts, and why you need to arrange one now!

We all have those moments when we look in our wardrobe and despair that we have nothing to wear, I know, I have them too. There is one way to fix it and it’s not a shopping spree! I have so many clothes and the expression “can’t see the woods for the trees’ comes to mind, there is only really one option … a clear out! I know what your thinking, ‘that is totally not going to help me, I don’t have enough clothes as it is!’ WRONG…I used to think exactly the same thing until my first big clear out a few years ago. Now I’m not talking one or two things, I’m talking cut throat, ruthless cleansing. The kind that make you squeamish whilst your doing them.



When clearing out I like to have three piles, ‘keep’ ‘give away’ ‘maybe’, this makes everything a little simpler. To start with I empty my wardrobe onto the floor, this makes it much easier to re-organise your wardrobe when you put things back in.

Start off with dividing everything into the three piles, once your done go through the maybe pile again, try stuff on and if you have any doubts get a second opinion. Just make sure your friend isn’t telling you to get rid of things so they can get them!

Once you have finished and your maybe pile is gone, bag up the clothes you don’t want anymore, I recommend taking them to charity, quick and easy way to have a clear out! Or if you can organise a swap shop with your best girls then take the left overs to charity, means you might get some new wardrobe staples for nothing. If there is something you’ve never worn why not try selling it on Depop?

Once it is all over, re-organise your wardrobe & congratulate yourself on an epic clear out! You will be surprised on what you find that you forgot you had, this cute little playsuit has been in my wardrobe for a couple of years and I don’t think I’ve worn it more than twice…how crazy is that?!

Happy organising!

Jumper – Vintage
Bracelets – Annie Haak
Rings – Bloody Mary Metal/Edge Jewellery
Playsuit – River Island
Bag – Nica
Boots – The Style Edit


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  1. Melina Miller November 17, 2015 / 9:45 pm

    Loved this one!!! I’m definitely gonna try it out very soon as I have a crisis every morning… Keep up the good work! And check out my blog, would appreciate if you could let me know what you think 🙂

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