Vintage never goes out of style


When the Alexa for M&S collection came out I was head over heels, like every other blogger in the UK! But as I saw a multitude of posts styling the same vintage inspired shirt it got me thinking about why I shop for Vintage in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I still buy clothes on the high street, but my biggest pet peeve is that other people can buy the same thing as you, heck thousands of people can buy the same thing as you! Everyone may style it differently but when it comes down to it you are wearing the same thing as someone else. That’s where vintage shines in all it’s glory.

alexa2 alexa4 alexa7

If you go out in a vintage dress you will be hard pressed to find someone wearing the same dress/top/skirt as you, vintage tells a story, the dress you are wearing could have been worn on a first date, to their favourite place to go dancing or to their best friends wedding, by wearing vintage you are keeping those stories alive, whether you know what those stories are or not. Not only that but the quality is so much better than whats on the high street at the moment, hell if it’s lasted for 50 years already then I’m not going to argue about quality!

Vintage is not only unique, it also helps the environment by lessening our clothing waste, so not only will no one else look like you, you’re saving the planet too! Win win right?

alexa8alexa6 alexa10 alexa9 alexa8

Shop this look;

Shirt – Vintage

Sunglasses – Vintage

Watch – Caravelle

Trousers – Zara

Bag – Accessorize

Shoes – Ouigal

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