Top Lingerie Brands for small Boobs

May 6, 2016

Girls with small chests rejoice! I have pulled together my favourite Lingerie brands for small boobs & small backs.

I have always struggled with having small boobs, teased endlessly growing up for being flat chested, having ‘fried eggs’ for boobs or just being told I look like a boy…kids are mean little fuckers right?

When I hit my teenage years I was measured in M&S (as I’m sure you were too) and I wore the wrong size bra for about 7 years. It wasn’t until I started working in Agent Provocateur (a very long time ago) that I was measured properly. Turns out I was not a 32B but a 28dd…safe to say I was shocked DD BOOBS?! ME?! nope they had to have it wrong, but I tried on a bra and not only did it fit amazingly (if a little tight) it made my bust sit where it was supposed to, win-win!

Nowhere, including AP, has a big range in a small back size, most start from a 32 so I struggled to find lingerie that fitted. Now there are so many amazing brands that cater to the itty bitty titty girls. As a 28dd is still small I can wear soft cup bras but they were still difficult to come across 12 years ago (god I feel old) so now when I find a company that makes cute bras that fit I stick with them, and I want to share my finds with you guys!

There is nothing worse than searching and searching and not finding the right size bra so let me do the work for you and keep those little boobs held high!

Top Lingerie Brands for small Boobs

Mimi Holliday were the first lingerie company I properly fell in love with. I have at least one thing from every collection, everything is always so cute! They also start at a 28 back and go up to a G cup on smaller back sizes so they cater for everyone. My current favourites from the site are Bisou Bisou in mint, Bisou Bisou in Black & Tease me in Pink.

Lonely Lingerie make beautiful bras, a variety of soft and underwire cups it will be hard not to fall in love with everything. They start at a 30A so cater for the smallest busts. My favourites are the Gigi underwire bra, Winona soft cup bra & the Bonnie underwire bra.

Ayten Gasson makes incredible soft cup bras using silk & vintage lace. They are all made in small runs so you know you are getting something extra special, plus her collaboration with Liberty is to die for! My favourites on the site have to be the Nina bralet, the Fleur Liberty bra & the Alexia bra.

If you follow me on instagram then you will probably know of my obsession with Waking up with Venus. Soft cup bras all lovingly hand made in the UK these bras will make you want to wear nothing else. They have also just started doing knickers to match so now you can have the matching set. My favourites at the moment are the incredible Nova Bralette (seriously how cute is it?!), the Pina Colada Bralet & the Midnight Bralet.

Main image from Solstice Intimates

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