Things I love – August 15 edition

If you’ve been a fan of my blog for a while you will know my love for Cry Baby, I have watched this movie countless times and it never gets old. Wanda is one of my all time favourite style icons, she is full of sass and this tshirt from Valfre is emblazoned with my favourite saying.

So And Smile Studio have basically made my dream house into a brooch! This pink delight is inspired by the town houses in Amsterdam & would make the perfect addition to any outfit!
The 90’s have brought back some awful trends, but patches are totally something I can get behind. No longer reserved for girl scout cookies! I totally love the explosion of home grown talent being channelled into these, not to mention the fact that they are being made my total boss babes with have a fuck you attitude! This particular baby is by Hanecdote & is made with love in London town. Are you too cute to care?
I love vintage trunks but good quality ones are so hard to find! Luckily Cambridge Satchel Company have come to the rescue with their vintage inspired trunk collection. They come in a variety of colours and obviously the baby pink colour is my favourite I couldn’t ask the other half to put this in our bedroom so we opted for navy with room for a mini pink one on top of course.
One of my favourite bloggers ever Ghost Parties has launched an online store stocking stationary and all things adorable. This little kitty coin purse has to be one of my favourite items, head to the store to have a look but I must warn you to hide your credit card because everything is amazing.



  1. Ruby August 30, 2015 / 6:45 pm

    Love love love this hehe! I want it all! And I love your blog layout

  2. honey pop September 3, 2015 / 6:29 am

    so do I! thats the problem though me and my bank balance dont agree on what I need in my life!

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