The end of Summer


The last days of summer are a perfect time to mix up your wardrobe.

A good maxi dress is a wardrobe staple throughout the summer, but it’s also a good transitional piece, as soon as this number from BooHoo popped up on my radar I knew I had to have it, and what better time to inject some newness into your wardrobe than the end of a season? I have always loved the boho chic vibe and I felt that this dress encompassed everything I had been looking for in the trend but had never been able to find!

I use my Pinterest account religiously and when it come’s to styling something new I love searching through pins to find inspiration, can you tell what movie I was trying to channel with this look?

summer14 summer12 summer11 summer5 summer7 summer3 summer1 summer2 summer15 summer8 summer13 summer16

Summer is set to stay for at least another week (if we can believe the weather forecasters) so grab your maxi dress & soak up the sun whilst you can!

Hat – Brixton : Dress – BooHoo : Harness – BooHoo : Bag – BooHoo : Shorts – BooHoo Bracelets – Annie Haak : Belt – ASOS : Boots – BooHoo : Rings – Bloody Mary Metal Sunglasses – BooHoo


  1. Auntie Maryanne xx September 8, 2017 / 8:14 pm

    Hey Amanda, was speaking to Mum tonight….thought I’d check out what you’re up to!! All is looking good, huge amounts of work. Speak soon and maybe we’ll have a curry night?

    Love and hugs, Auntie Maryanne xxxxxxxx

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