Styling for the Great British Summer


Dressing for summer in the UK isn’t easy, you can’t just throw on a sundress & sandals and expect the weather to be nice. In the UK we don’t just have to check the weather three or four times before we leave the house we also have to expect it to completely change whilst we are out the house!

This is when experimenting with layers, texture & shape will get you through a full day of the British summer without any unexpected weather getting the better of you.

Trying to style a cute playsuit can be difficult, especially when it’s more rain than sun outside! This is when you can be a little more creative with your outfit and get layering. One of the most versatile layering pieces that you probably already have in your wardrobe is the humble denim shirt. It goes with everything, even more denim! The reason your denim shirt is so versatile is easy, it can be worn in a multitude of ways, it can be used as a light weight jacket & it’s just the perfect weight to keep you not too warm & not too cold. Plus it can be rolled up and popped in your handbag if it actually gets warm enough to take off.

So the next time you are freaking out because it’s too cold to wear that super cute dress/playsuit/jumpsuit try it on with your denim shirt & I promise you will have a killer outfit thats more than a little practical too!

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Shirt – GAP : Jacket – Zara : Playsuit – Motel : Bag – Nica : Boots – JC

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