Sometimes simplicity is better

August 9, 2016


We all have those days when we look at our wardrobes and hate everything. But what do you do when you don’t have time to stare into your wardrobe and spend half an hour deciding what to wear?

I’ve never been a fan of planning outfits on a day to day basis, there is too much outside influence that can affect what to wear, plus I’ll only change my mind in the morning! So what to do when you can’t plan for days when you’ll hate your wardrobe? Grab some staples and create some simple outfits that can be worn time & time again.

Buying basics is all well and good to add some key items to your wardrobe but I still prefer to buy something with a little more character, even if it is still simplistic. Adding texture or pattern to your outfit will make it seem like you have made so much more of an effort, whilst a whole outfit of basics can look so drab. A white boxy shaped jumper is perfect for those days when you aren’t really feeling it, go for something textured, to add more interest then you can play down the rest of your outfit! Pair with some cigarette pants or some skinny jeans you have a cute outfit with minimal effort. You can inject some colour with a bright bag, I love the boxy shape of this pink Radley bag, perfect for all of your essentials and it fits snugly in a bigger handbag if you need a quick outfit change.

If you have an important day ahead, or something extra special planned then throw on some killer heels & it totally changes the dynamic of the outfit. So when you are hating on your entire wardrobe remember, simple outfits work best.

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