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See With Iolla – SS16 behind the scenes vlog

May 13, 2016

see with iolla

So I don’t actually need glasses, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear them! Especially since the See With Iolla collection is ama

see with iolla see with iolla

There is a lot of stigma around wearing glasses when you don’t need them. My eyesight is pretty much perfect but I love glasses! Vintage frames, colour pop, tortoise shell, clear, aviator, I adore them all. I see glasses as just another accessory, but I understand the mentality, people were made fun of as children for having to wear glasses, so someone wearing them just for fashion might be insulting, but just think of it like this, you have made glasses so cool that now people who don’t actually need them want to wear them…that’s a pretty big achievement. There is also another reason I love wearing glasses, you can wear next to no make up and still look amazing!

So all that being said when one of my favourite eyewear brands got in contact to model in their latest campaign I jumped at the chance. You all know I love playing dress up! Watch the behind the scenes video by see with iolla below. Tell me, would you wear glasses if you didn’t need them?

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