Khaki – the colour of 2016

April 19, 2016


Whether you like it or not khaki is here to stay.

2016 is the year of khaki. You will be completely forgiven for not being overjoyed at this news, I’m not particularly a fan of the colour, but when people are saying it’s the new black I had to give it a try…even though I don’t wear that much black to begin with.

Whilst these were NEVER something I would usually have picked out I think it’s good to set yourself a little style challenge every now and then and get out of your comfort zone, so instead of doing the easy thing and getting a khaki dress to style I went for khaki trousers or pants if you are wanting to go all American on me.

khaki2 khaki1 khaki4 khaki10

You will be excused for thinking WTF is she doing in khaki, it’s ok, I thought the same thing. Deciding what to style khaki trousers/pants with wasn’t easy, so I went for wardrobe staples; a plain white tshirt, a denim shirt and a pair of converse. It’s hard to go wrong with those three together! This look is super casual with a sort of safari twist, maybe that’s wishful thinking or the fact that I got some plants to pose with me, but I’m not hating this look as much as I thought I would be. And whilst the khaki doesn’t look that bad I don’t think I’ll be rocking the colour that much this year. But never say never right?

So the real question is, how do you feel about khaki? Are you 100% all about the colour or are you a no go? Either way it’s good to experiment with fashion so whatever you are doing with the colour khaki make sure you have fun with it!

Khaki khaki12 khaki8 khaki

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  • Reply Lii April 19, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    I love khaki as a colour in clothes, it can be really flattering 🙂

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