Honey Pop 2.0

There is something cleansing about a new look. It may seem superficial but having a clear out of anything, your house, your wardrobe, your car is going to give you satisfaction. The same applies to your online presence. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like nothing is changing or moving forward and the only way to fix that is to change it!

My blog has had the same design for over a year, it may not seem like a long time but it was only meant to be a stop gap replacing the pastel kittens (anyone remember that?!) before a new logo was designed. Like most non urgent things it fell by the wayside, forgotten in the corner like an old chair, I knew I had to do it but where would I find the time? Luckily I know amazing artists and web designers and even though it took me a long time to figure out who to ask or what I wanted when I finally decided I knew I’d got a winning pair.

Louise or Skrinkladoo (party monster anyone?) has been one of my friends for years, after working together in Agent Provocateur we kept in touch after we both moved cities but it wasn’t until after she moved to the land down under we started taking more frequently, that’s always the way isnt it? Anyway I told her of my despair at web development and she offered to help! Well not only did she realise my vision she also had amazing tips & ideas, safe to say I am in LOVE with my new blog layout! Follow her own blog here and if you need any redesigning done she’s your gal!

The lady I trusted with my header is the lovely Barbie from Longfox. I met the Longfox duo through Abandon Ship, you may recognise their work from ASA tshirt designs or the walls of the London and Glasgow stores. I have no idea why it took me so long to ask for her help, I guess sometimes you can’t see something even when it’s staring you in the face! Barbies work was exactly what I was looking for, clean lines beautifully executed but more importantly a little weird!
My brief was simple, either swans or flamingos, a crescent moon and honey pop written in script. Safe to say she was spot on! It took a little tweaking to get my vision perfect (I am a complete control freak) but it was minimal and the end product is completely perfect. Barbie is unfortunately taking a little step back from collaborations, but don’t cry just yet, she is spending more time on designing the long fox clothing line and doing her little hand poked tattoos….which are totally adorable. So even though you might not be able to get a custom design from her don’t fret! You can either have them poked into your skin or go for something less permanent like a tshirt.
So what do you guys think of my new look?


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