Courtney Love x Nasty Gal


“I want to be the girl with the most cake”

I’m not usually into celebrity collaborations…this however is a different kettle of fish. Courtney Love is one of my icons, I spent years wearing vintage slips as dresses, I found my love of red lipstick & messy hair through her and I understood that it was ok to be broken. Hole were basically my teenage soundtrack. I cried when I saw them live.

So yeah you could say I’ve been waiting for this. Whilst I’m not obsessing over everything I am head over heels with a few pieces. But first things first…here’s a look at the whole collection.

And now for my favourites! I bet you could have guessed what most of them were right? What are your thoughts on the collection? Love it, hate it or nothing it?

Pants are kind of a no brainer, cute, lacy and perfect for under those little baby doll dresses! The high necked top is probably the best layering piece and will sit under all those sheer blouses and shirts perfectly, it’ll definitely be worn more than most of my bras. Layer it with the black body suit for all the contrasting lace or just pop it under a low cut white tshirt for a bit of laid back sass.

The dresses were always going to be my favourites of the collection, I’m just gutted there’s not more pink & nude! The Black slip is basically the ultimate LBD, perfect for layering or wearing on it’s own, either way you are sure to make a statement! It’s no surprise the pink babydoll is my number one item from the collection. I’ll be wearing it with my DM’s and some knee high stockings, it’s basically a throwback to what I wore as a 16 year old…and I’m totally ok with that.

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