Bestreet Weekend

Bestreet Weekend was completely insane, I think I’ve just recovered! I went with Abandon Ship Apparel and as you can imagine it was a little hard to keep up…but boy did I try!
Be Street is basically a weekend about comics, toys, awesome movies, illustrators, street artists and some more toys. Oh and streetwear of course! It was nice to see so many british brands there mixing with amazing international brands, and having the european crowd so enthusiastic was infectious. The saturday was crazily busy, I think 15000 people were there and between them the skateboarders, and the bands it was an epic day. Venice was there doing her amazing nail art, unfortunately I didn’t have time to have a break long enough to get my nails done but next time I am in Paris thats the first place I am going! 
 L’amore Supreme and Greg Mike were there painting up a storm and Tom Gilmore has the most amazing panels on a HUGE wall upstairs…I think I need mandala wallpaper now! Riding Zone were also there filming so if you can check it out on France O, there’s even a lil interview with me <3
 The sunday was a little more relaxed but that may have been due to the desperado’s and the fact that I just rode the SABBC bike for most of the day!  I cannot describe how amazing the weekend was, and I urge you to go to the next one, I for one can’t wait!
Skirt – Obscure Couture
See more photos of the weekend here <3


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