All the fun of the fair.

Bright lights, electro, slot machines and dance mats, it can only be the arcade. I spent a few hours the other day playing video games, having dance offs, losing at air hockey and generally acting like a big kid. 

I decided to go all out on the jewellery front, my necklaces are both from Dark Days Occult jewellery, deathly hallows and a tiny bird skull, perfect to wear everyday. I’ve been looking for a simple band ring for months and this sterling silver beauty from Jewel Street ticks all the boxes. The thick band at the back splits into two thin silver bands at the front but can be worn either way, so basically you have two rings in one! Designed in Ireland it’s part of a collection from Edge Only. Edge Only was created by Jenny Huston following many years of trying to find solid silver/gold replacements for cheaper, plated jewellery that didn’t cost an arm and a leg or didn’t look like the crown jewels. She wanted to create affordable, edgy pieces that would transcend seasons and trends, the collection consists of lightening bolts, screws, hearts and wedge rings, all are clean with no jewels and are stylised and simple at the same time. Great for everyday wear. I love finding new designers to covet and Jewel street are full of new names I need to investigate! The best thing about the site (apart from the plethora of designers) is the search function, you can search by item, metal, stone, theme, bridal and price range, they even have a made in the UK filter! You all know how much I love to support independent designers and this is a perfect way to find new and interesting designers. Last but not least is this super cute baby pink friendship bracelet from Annie Haack, I actually got to meet the lady herself whilst in London recently and her passion for jewellery and life is infectious, plus she spends most of her time in Bali when she’s not in London, that’s everyones dream right?! 

Safe to say I have a few new favourite Jewellery designer’s to add my list.

Skirt – ASOS
Boots – The Style Edit
Necklaces – Dark Days Occult
Rings – Bloody Mary Metal/Edge Only
Watch – Caravelle
Bracelet – Annie Haak

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