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In London for the Bloody Mary Metal Blogger event

December 22, 2014
 Bloody Mary Metal
I love a weekend in London town in winter, everything is so festive and even though the crowds are insane I always leave feeling much more in the Christmas Spirit. My first night was spent at the amazing Bloody Mary Metal Blogger event, which was doubly as exciting for me as Lucy is one of my best girls and to see her doing so amazingly fills me with all the happiness. The event was full of lovely bloggers, some I knew and some I’ve read their blogs for years and it was lovely to finally meet in person. 
We had cupcakes from the tattooed bakers, fizz and probably the cutest goodybag I’ve ever received. There was an adorable little notebook and all the jewellery was sized perfectly, the stacked ring has a little A with a heart and it came in a Christmas bauble, which i’m going to fill with glitter and hang on my tree! Everyone got one and you had to find yours on the Christmas tree, very festive don’t you think? There was also a homemade cracker in every bag, too cute. My hands are going to look amazing covered in BMM and the matching decals from DIY nails. And can we just talk about these amazing temp tattoos for a second?! I couldn’t resist popping one on straight away. I must admit I got a little emotional when I saw the ‘ring guide’ booklet, as it’s full of my wedding photos! Lucy designed and made my engagement ring with the input of my other half and then she made my wedding ring to fit in perfectly…there’s already talk of an eternity ring…it’s not too soon right?
I am completely in love with Bloody Mary Metal and I have some exciting news…we will be collaborating next year! We have the concept in place and I have to say I’m so fucking excited! I studied Garment technology at uni and worked for a fashion designer when I lived in London, so It’s really nice to be designing again! I am loving working with Lucy and bouncing ideas around, no fights yet! I’m not really allowed to say anything about the collection but I can tell you that there will be a chain headband and I promise some pink stones too. For more hints you’ll need to stay tuned, I promise it’ll be worth it.
London has some amazing hotels but we opted to stay in the Citizen M bankside and I will definitely be back! The decor is chic and quirky at the same time and the hotel seriously had the comfiest bed I’ve ever been in…considering e-mailing them to find out where the mattress is from! From check in to check out I have never been taken care of better. We had some trouble checking in as I booked under my maiden name (silly of me!) and as well as fixing it instantly they also gave us a bottle of prosecco to say congratulations on the wedding, super sweet. There are iMacs dotted around the reception/library/dining hall for work or just planning your days out in London. The decor is really modern with a tendency to be a little eccentric, in other words totally delightful! The library section had to be my favourite, lots of classic and design-led books to browse through as well as an amazing array of lights and sofas to relax around on.
The bedrooms were a good size for the city, the bathroom was a wet room which I loved and the full-length mirror which you could actually see your entire outfit in! The bed for me has to be the best part, much bigger than a king size and covered in a mountain of pillows it was possible to roll over three times and not be anywhere near the sides! 

*update from Citizen M* ‘Our beds are 2 meters by 2 meters, we have custom made mattresses by Sealy (Posturepedic fr, firm + top fr, with hypoallergenic upholstery) Italian linen, and super fluffy pillows’

The blinds and curtains were blackout and the window was so thick it barely let in any sound, I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well in London Town

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