What’s in The June Honey Pop Club Box

June’s Honey Pop Club subscription box is all about Summer Lovin’, but what’s in it?

This months box was all about summer lovin & body positivity. I love summer, but it makes me a little nervous all the same, I had a really hard time being happy with my body when I was a teenager, in fact it’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I wanted to create a box that was full of products that help combat this stigma of having a perfect beach body and help myself, and everyone, feel happy in their own skin. From Vegan Body Scrub to a boobies pin badge, this months box has something for everyone.


honey pop club

So the mystery gift in your box is the first NAH Cosmetics Shower Gel! It’s bubblegum flavour and it is the first samples from the brand new Scottish cosmetics brand. I love this product, I have been testing the bubblegum shower gel for about a month and honestly I can’t get enough of it! You guys are the first to try it out so let me know what you think about the smell, the texture and the product in general!

 Everyone needs a Mermaid Pin Badge right? This is from the Punky Pins x Mel Stringer collab and is possibly the cutest mermaid I’ve ever seen. It’s sure to brighten up any jacket you put it on.

Pink is my go to colour of Nail Varnish for summer, and this is the perfect shade. A mixture of fucsia pink and bubblegum the varnish lasts for ages too!


So one of the reasons I hated dressing in the summer when I was a teenager is because I have little boobs. I hated the way I looked in a bikini. Hated it. But as over the years I’ve learned to feel comfortable in my own skin. So the little Boobies Pin Badge is a tribute to all you girls who aren’t comfortable in your own skin, to remind you that you are beautiful.

The NAF cuticle Oil is essential for keeping your nails in tip top condition this summer! It nourishes your nails making them strong and it smells like strawberry laces, now you can’t ask for more than that can you?

I love nothing more than a good exfoliation in the summer and the Vegan Body Scrub from You Dirty Scrub is the ultimate in luxurious body scrubs. This smells exactly like chocolate orange, and you get to rub it all over yourself! It will leave your skin feeling so so soft, trust me, you’ll definitely be trying more flavours of the Vegan Body Scrub!


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