What’s in the April Honey Pop Club Box

honey pop club

Aprils Honey Pop Club is a Modern Feminist theme, but just what exactly was inside the box?

This months box is all about empowering women, and not being afraid to use the F word. Feminist that is! So many people I know won’t use the word to describe themselves for fear of being judged, or being thought of as an angry feminist. My responses to this are always the same, who CARES what strangers think and of course you should be angry! Women still get paid less than men for the same job, we STILL get told what is acceptable to wear and our reproductive rights are still under fire.

With that in mind I decided to make this months box a charitable one, all the profits from April’s box will be sent to Sisters uncut. Read more about the work they do here.

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This months print is by the amazing Becky Pope and is based on the Sheryl Sandberg quote “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” I’m in love with this print and can’t wait to get it framed! You can see more of Becky’s work at Stag & Raven.

Ambivalently Yours is one of my favourite illustrators on Instagram! I’ve been in love with her work for years and as soon as I saw her feminist bitch collection I knew I had to have it for the Honey Pop Club!

Half Stitch Bitch is a Glaswegian company run by the most amazing badass! The Riots not Diets patch in the lightening bolt shape is an exclusive to Honey Pop Club but they do loads more amazing patches.

Illamasqua are one of my go to cruelty free brands and as their Gel Sculpt is top of most bloggers wishlists I knew I had to include it in this months box! I already use their gel colour in fluster as a blusher and a lip tint so I can’t wait to play with this product properly.

Now this is possibly my favourite patch of all time! The feminist agenda patch is by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes and is the perfect way to round off your new feminist patch collection.

Now I know you guys are only supposed to get five items in each Honey Pop Club box but I HAD to include some Reek Perfume! The babes behind this are amazing feminist bitches, I’ve reviewed the perfume before and it’s my go to daily scent. Trust me when I say you’ll love it.

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Watch the unboxing video below.


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