Vegan hair oil…


Now this is something I can get behind! The lovely girls from ‘Old Wives Tail‘ recently sent me a little gift of their organic SOS hair oil. It came wrapped in an adorable little hankie!

Now I am dubious about just popping things in my hair, I dye it A LOT so I always try and take the very best care of my abused locks. This little bottle of joy not only smells brilliant it also works a treat, now my hair is not in the best condition but after one use I definitely felt the difference!

To use: I found the oil went a little bit everywhere when I tried the onto palms trick first so I ended up pouring a little directly onto my roots and massaged in for ages. A little funnel or syringe would help here! I wrapped my hair in a towel and went for a bath, the instructions say to leave it on for an hour but I think I was closer to two, make sure the towel is warm as it will help the oil soak in. 

I did have to wash my hair three times before I felt it was free of oil, then pop a tiny bit of conditioner on the ends and your done. I used a little heat defence spray but nothing else on my hair, it’s looking a lot smoother, feels a lot softer and was so much easier to brush! 

I can’t wait to try their coconut oil hair mask

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