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The ultimate in Christmas relaxation – the Lush Bath

December 21, 2016

This time of year is supposed to be relaxing, you are supposed to feel full of Christmas cheer, you are supposed to be feeling Christmassy and ready to spend it socialising & going to parties, but what if you aren’t? There is no quick fix for the Christmas blues but you know what will always make you feel a little better? A bath! And there is nothing better than a Lush Christmassy Bath.

Here are my top tips for creating the perfect getaway in your own bathroom.

The ultimate in Christmas relaxation

Make your bathroom a safe haven, add some candles, plants & artwork.

Scent is really important, at the moment I’m loving the textured elements collection from shearer candles, the scents are really warming, they make me think of a log fire! Plus the jars are really cool & will look at home after the festive period. Next come the lights, you can just grab some standard ones but I love the glow that these copper ones from Paperchase give off, wrap them around some cute jars or get a little festive with a paper wreath from Paper Skeleton.

Having plants in the bathroom always makes me feel a little calmer, go for contrasting plants like some cacti and a hanging spider plant, get a custom made hanger from Hawkes Homewares, I went for duckegg blue, perfect to see you through to spring.

Make a Bath Cocktail

What’s better than one lush bath bomb? TWO LUSH BATH BOMBS!

Or a bubble bar x bath bomb combo, or a bath wand x bubble bar…you get the idea. I went for a mixture of Never mind the Ballistics bath bomb and santasaraus. Both smell fantastic, santasaraus smells sweet, like honey I washed the kids and nevermind the Ballistics smells like sweet orange and lime, they make the perfect combo.

Lock the doors

But don’t throw away the key! No matter how relaxing your bath is you are eventually going to want to get out!

There are a few things that you need to keep you occupied when in the bath. • Something to drink – I usually have a glass of water and a glass of wine, hydrating & tasty. • Something to listen to – my bath choice at the moment is massive attacks back catalogue. • Something to read – I like to zone out in the bath & nothing takes you somewhere else like reading, I’m currently re-reading valley of the dolls.

So lie back, relax & try and forget the pressures of Christmas.

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