The ultimate colour repair from Paul Mitchell

July 17, 2015

Paul Mitchell products are an essential part of my hair care, I have been using Hot off the Press for as long as I can remember and I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason my hair is not irreversibly heat damaged, plus it smells awesome and holds in curls perfectly. Plus they are totally cruelty-free! But we’re not here to talk about that, we are here to talk about colour repair from Paul Mitchell!

colour repair from Paul Mitchell

Colour Repair from Paul Mitchell

Made with Quinoa (who doesn’t love this little miracle grain?!) is basically repairs damage caused by dying, and holds your colour in longer. For me the colour didn’t hold any longer than usual, but I dye my hair with a conditioner mixture so it tends to fade no matter what. I did find that my hair felt amazing!

Even after the first wash I noticed my hair was a little sleeker, 4 washes in and it feels silky and not like the candyfloss broken days of old! I used the shampoo, followed by conditioner, which I left in for 5 minutes each time to allow it to do it’s stuff. Then comes the rescue, pop it on towel dried hair and comb through, it gets rid of tangles too! The only down side to this is the smell, my other half loves it (of course I let him use my shampoo!) but it reminds me of a perfume I hate, although that won’t put me off buying it again, that’s how amazing it made my hair feel!

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