Tanning tips and advice for people with pale skin

There is no easy way to put this…wear a high factor sunscreen! We all know factor 10 isn’t going to do jack shit and looking like a lobster on holiday is not cool.

I have one word for you, WRINKLES. Yup I said it, the sun is going to age you, thats what happens when you burn, your damaging your skin and even though the burn may turn into a lovely golden colour the damage is still done. I never use anything on my face lower than factor 50, this may seem extreme but I do not want a face full of wrinkles and since I would like to grow old as gracefully as possible I need to take care of my face now. The same is true for the rest of your body, factor 50 is no longer a white paint disaster so you don’t have to worry about looking like someone has tried to make you into a ghost. Superdrug do an amazing range of skin care that is cruelty free, this includes one of the best factor 50 sprays I have ever used. The bottle has a pump spray not one of those nasty aerosol ones and it goes on clear like a dry oil, rub in and your good to go! It’s especially good for those pesky hard to reach areas! Lush recently released their sunscreen range and I have to say even though it’s factor 30 I am impressed, the bar was a little hard to use at first but once you get into the swing of things it’s easy, you do need someone to help with your back though!

It’s easy to forget that everywhere needs protection from the sun, if your not wearing a headscarf¬†or a hat then make sure you pick up some of this powdered sunshine from Lush, your hair will smell amazing and even though it’s only factor 15 some protection is better than none. I almost always wear lipstick when on holiday but it doesn’t give any sort of protection from the sun to this time I’m trying out the Solait lip protector, to be honest I’ve no idea if it’s keeping them protected from the sun but they sure feel a lot more moisturised!
Happy sun bathing.


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