My first experience with Henna.

My Nana & Papa grew up in India and I have always had a complete fascination with the country. I grew up eating Indian food and I still miss my Nana’s curries! My love of Henna arrived when I witnessed my first Bollywood movie, I was completely captivated by the clothes and the jewellery, I used to make my mum dress me up in a sari made of my Nana’s fabric and bedsheets! And don’t even get me started on the dancing! Safe to say I was hooked. All those jewels and painted women it was love at first sight and I have harboured a wish to have my own Mehndi ever since.

There’s something so feminine and beautiful about the art form, and I love that there are thousands upon thousands of images to take inspiration from! I first came across Sadia on Instagram and it was instant obsessive following from thereon out! Every time she uploaded a new design I knew I just had to get some of my own! When I found out she was doing an event at Blow I made sure to book the whole day off, I headed down with some of my best girls and sipped prosecco whilst waiting our turn to get our hands made into works of art. I wanted something quite ornate and Sadia took my inspiration and created something beautiful and unique from it, I couldn’t be happier with the results! 
Henna is made from a plant and is completely natural. It stains hands a brown colour. If you ever get someone who says they can make the stain black this has added chemicals and is really bad for your skin, it causes the most allergic reactions. Obviously Sadia only uses the best so natural all the way! You have to be very careful after getting it done, basically you want to keep your hands as still as possible for around 6 hours, rub it all off then cover your hands in vapo rub for half an hour to help the colour darken! I use Superdrugs own as its cruelty free, and super cheap! Wash off and your left with a beautiful design for up to two weeks! Sadia does home visits and is planning more events in the new year. So the question is would you get some Henna? 


Dress – Iron Fist
Necklace – Chelsea Doll
Shirt – ASOS


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