How To Take Care Of Micro-bladed Brows

June 27, 2018

After having my eyebrows micro-bladed for a few months I’ve picked up some pretty good tips on keeping them in good condition & looking their absolute best.

I got my brows done at Brow Jam in House Of Liberty Dundee and it’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It gives me more confidence without makeup AND it’s shaved so much time off my make up routine! I only wonder why I didn’t get it done sooner.

First things first…follow your beauticians’ instructions! When you first get your brows done, it’s really important to do what you are told. If you want them to heal properly then avoid getting them wet, I struggled a bit with this as 5 days is a long time to avoid a specific part of your face but it was actually quite easy. I wore less makeup and washed my hair separately from taking a shower. Use a really rich moisturiser on them, I use dream cream from Lush on all my tattoos and my brows were no exception.

Once they are healed, and they do go through that annoying scabby stage, you’ll want to keep them as fresh looking as possible! Follow my tips on how to take care of micro-bladed brows & your brows will last for as long as possible!

How To Take Care Of Micro-bladed Brows

Things to Avoid

Exfoliators – When you are exfoliating try your hardest to avoid your new brows. Microblading doesn’t go as deep as a normal tattoo so they fade quicker, exfoliation will only speed up the fading.

Chemical Peels – If you go for chemical peels then make sure you tell your beauty therapist that you’ve had your brows done so they know to avoid them.

Acids – If you use any Salicylic acids or retinol’s in your skincare routine make sure you avoid your brows. Again this will cause them to fade quicker.

Facials – As with a chemical peel, make sure your beauty therapist is aware you have had your brows done. They will probably not need to avoid them for the whole treatment, but it’s better they are aware in case any of the steps are exfoliating or contain any resurfacing ingredients.

Things to Do

Sunscreen – Use sunscreen! To be honest you should be using sunscreen on your entire face but it’s doubly important to use it on your brows as the sun will make them fade.

Moisturiser – Use your normal moisturiser and make sure you massage a little into your brow area. Give the rest of your face a little massage whilst you’re at it too! A little extra TLC definitely won’t hurt.

Keep Tidy – Get rid of stray hairs by plucking or if you only have downy white/blonde hairs then wait and get them waxed like you usually would have before the microblading. This will just keep them looking tidy and sharp.

Get a Tint – If you have loads of blonde hairs then you might want to get them tinted every now and again. You might not need them done but it will make your brows darker and fuller looking.

There you have it! My tips on how to take care of micro-bladed brows. Don’t forget you still might need a top up every year to keep them looking their best.


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