How to save bleach damaged hair

April 5, 2016


What to do when your hair is frazzled.

Recently my hair was bleached root to tip for a photoshoot. I’ve not had my full head bleached for over 5 years, and there is a good reason, over bleaching is literally one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Now I’m not talking bleaching your roots, that’s basically virgin hair, I’m talking bleaching over already bleached hair.

As damaging as it is there are ways you can save your hair from being a frazzled disaster, firstly never let your hairdresser bleach your hair without using Olaplex! Now Olaplex may be amazing but it’s not going to work all on it’s lonesome, below are the products I swear by, trust me when I say these have been tried, tested & put through the ringer!


Maria Nila – Structure Repair duo

This shampoo & conditioner pair is perfect for straw like damaged hair, it’s insanely moisturising, smells really clean & fresh, it’s 100% vegan and it’s sulphate & paraben free. So pretty much the perfect shampoo & conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Oh the range also includes a hair masque & a leave in cream if you want to go the whole hog with one brand.


Lush – R&B

Made for damaged dry hair this wonder product is also good for very curly hair, moisturising from the outside in. I use a tiny amount on the mid to ends of my hair the day after washing, then usually every night until I wash my hair again, which is once a week incase you’re wondering. My hair is really dry so it just absorbs all the moisturiser. Plus it makes your hair smell amazing and helps to keep curls defined.


Vita CoCo -Organic & cold pressed Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an amazing skincare and haircare product, as well as being amazing for cooking. What an all rounder right? I will use a big dollop of this melted (just with the heat from your hands) smothered all over my hair the night before I wash it, start at the bottom so the driest bit’s of your hair get the most attention, put your hair in a headscarf and go to sleep, wash twice the next day or once with a clarifying shampoo and your hair will be well on it’s way to silky smooth.


Evolve – Hair Elixir

With Argan oil & baobab this little bottle of goodness is a total life saver. Especially good for split ends and fly aways. You only need a tiny amount, around 3-4 drops to cover long hair. Use on towel dried hair. If my hair is looking really dull I like to add a few drops, rub into my palms and lightly smooth over my hair, root to tip, it gives amazing shine but might not be best if you are prone to super greasy hair.


Paul Mitchell – Strength Liquid Treatment

This is a leave in product, I use it at the same time as their heat seal spray for extra protection from styling. It was designed especially for chemically treated hair and it works to prevent further breakage, which I am definitely all for! Spray all over your hair (after you’ve towel dried) and then brush through. It come’s as part of a whole range if you want to try the full styling system.

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  • Reply Ruth MacGilp April 7, 2016 at 10:19 am

    I am literally going to buy al of these. My hair desperately needs rescuing from bleach! Its so fluffy and frizzy!

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