Favourite Vegan Cleansers

May 15, 2019

Making your skincare cruelty free and vegan isn’t hard, it’s all about finding those products that work for you, without the animal cruelty. These are the vegan cleansers that I love and after trying them, I bet you’ll love them too!

All of these vegan cleansers range in price from £16 to £32, none of these will break the bank, but they will make your skin feel amazing.

My Favourite Vegan Cleansers

s5 Nourish Cleanser.

This is my all time favourite cleanser. It takes off all of my make up and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. Not a dry feeling or a stingy eye in the house. Pop a little dollop on your face and massage in until your make up is clearly coming off. Add a little water and then take off with a damp face cloth.

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash.

This foaming cleanser is really nourishing, I tend to use this after taking my make up off. It’s full of oils, like avocado oil & pumpkin seed oil and doesn’t feel drying or abrasive. I’ve had this bottle for around 6 months and I use it around 4/5 times a week, it’s still got more than half left! A little goes a long way with this so only a pea-sized amount is needed.

Tropic Smoothing Cleanser.

I love a cream cleanser and this tropic one has quickly become my favourite. I only started using this last week and I’ve already noticed a difference. It’s really creamy and smells divine. I tend to use in the morning as it leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Dr Dennis Gross All in One Cleanser.

I’m not usually a fan of combo products but I’ve pretty much been raving about this cleanser/toner combo since I started using it! I mean anything with hyaluronic acid, green tea and vitamins A, C & E is going to pack a punch. Whilst you might not want to give up on your toner completely, this is a great addition to your skincare routine. Plus it’s perfect for travelling when you want to streamline your skincare.

These are the vegan cleansers that work for my skin. They might not work for yours, but skincare, like anything, is about trial and error until you find something

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