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April 18, 2018

Making your make up collection cruelty-free can be a bit daunting at the start, I relied heavily on, and still do, the knowledge of other bloggers & MUA’s.

But since I’ve been using cruelty-free makeup and skincare for four years now, I’ve got some tried and tested products that I just couldn’t live without! These Cruelty-Free Make Up Essentials are items that have stood the test of time, or they’ve recently blown everything else I use out of the water.

My favourite Cruelty-Free Make Up Essentials

Below is a list of my ride or die essentials, the things I couldn’t possibly live without!


Finding a good mascara is difficult, even when you don’t have the added stress of finding a CF one! Two of my favourites are the Illamasqua Raven Mascara and Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara. Both are jet black and are long lasting but the Marc Jacobs one is way more volumising so if you need some volume in your life it’s the one for you!


I could NOT LIVE without concealer. I’m not exaggerating. The dark circles under my eyes will peak through most concealers and whilst colour correcting helps I need more. My two go-to concealers are Illamasqua Skin Base which I’ve only just started using but it gives the most beautiful illuminating coverage, and Kat Von D Lock It Concealer. The KVD is definitely heavier coverage but it can crease if you use too much of it, I like to blend with Lucky Cloud Face Oil but that dilutes it so if you want the heavier coverage then just blend like your life depends on it!


Even if I’m not wearing loads of make up I love a little swipe of highlighter. I’ve not found one I love more than the Beyond Powder Highlighters. OMG and Daze are my favourite shades. OMG is a beautiful golden colour & Daze is like an iridescent opal colour, they look amazing if you give the brush a spray with toner or water & then apply, it makes them so much more intense.


I rarely leave the house without a lick of lipstick. The bolder the better in my opinion! I love all of Sara Hill Makeup but the shades Sadie Doll & Gidi are my absolute favourites, they are the perfect Red & the perfect Pink! Kat Von D Liquid Lip is my go-to for nights out and when I know I won’t have time to top up or watch my lippy situ. I wear the shade berlin constantly, it’s basically my version of a nude lip! I’ve just got Mother & it’s a beautiful rose pink, I can see it becoming my new day to day lipstick.

Lip Balm

If you’ve ever worn a liquid lip for more than two days running you’ll understand the need for lip balm! I’m obsessed with the Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com. I’m almost halfway through a tube and it’s replaced all other balms I used to use. I find if I exfoliate my lips once a week they stay healthier than if I was just using the balm on its own.

So there you have it, my ride or die Cruelty-Free Make Up Essentials. I’ve also shared my cruelty-free skincare essentials and my favourite cruelty-free hair care.

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