Blow Glasgow are Taking Haircare to the next level

September 13, 2017

The BLOW Glasgow Experience just got even better.

When you think of BLOW what comes to mind first? For me it’s glitter roots, cocktails & colourful hair.

blow glasgow

blow glasgow

The service in BLOW Glasgow has always been first class, since day dot. And now, not only do you get first class treatment in the salon, you get an aftercare package tailored to your hair type!

What other salon will send you home with a hair prescription that actually makes your colour last longer and prolongs the time between salon visits?

The aftercare package includes a top up dye and a conditioning treatment from EVO hair.¬†The conditioner and the dye are combined and as someone who has been topping up her hair dye for years as a conditioning treatment I can tell you that it’s exactly what your hair needs to keep it looking fresh between salon visits!

The precess is really simple. After you’ve had your hair transformed by the girls in BLOW they will get you to fill out a prescription card, it has all of your hair details on it, what conditioning treatment they recommend for you and what colour they’ve used to create the perfect top up/treatment for your hair!

So at your next appointment you can take the card back and make sure the formula is exactly the same, or they can change it up depending on how well you think it worked for your hair!

That’s totally worth a #blowfie!

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I always take a pre mixed dye and conditioner combo on holiday so this was the perfect chance for me to see how well the dye worked. I usually use a moisturising conditioner as I find my hair gets dry quite easily on holiday but I wanted to try the volumising conditioner base for a change, and I wasn’t disappointed!

My hair is naturally thin and whilst the volume conditioner didn’t suddenly give me Beyonc√© worthy hair it definitely felt thicker. The instructions say to leave on for three minutes, but I like a deep condition so I left on for half an hour, it did take a little longer to wash out but the result was totally worth it! My hair colour was topped up and my barnet felt bouncy and thick. The perfect mid holiday hair pick me up.

You can visit BLOW Glasgow and get your very own hair care prescription now!

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