#Blow bang bar – a revolution in hairdressing

May 4, 2015
#Blow bang bar
There is nothing more daunting or more exhilarating than changing your hair. I have been feeling a little down about my hair recently and decided to go for a little change. At the #Blow bang bar obviously!

Luckily I trust the team at #Blow to take care of me and not fudge anything up so in their hands my hair is safe. I have spent years searching for a hairdresser who ‘gets it’, who cuts my hair the way I want, doesn’t tell me colours aren’t possible and knows what I mean when I say ‘betty bangs’. Oh Blow what would I do without you?

Fading from one colour to the next is never easy and years of home experimenting have taught me that to get that perfect colour mix you need to go to someone you trust, because a full head of foils on your own isn’t fun and usually ends up with half the bathroom the colour you wanted your hair! I always have some photos (usually from Pinterest) when I go in to help make my vision clearer, it’s always best to make sure you are as clear as possible with what you want but remember that they know what they are talking about so take their advice on board. I love that they suggested the flashes of grey to add texture to the colour as I would never have thought of it, I am in love!

As well as having an amazing team of colourists and the now infamous Blow Bar they have added a Bang Bar to their repertoire, and at 8 bucks a bang you just can’t say no. But before you say it I know, bangs are not something you step into lightly, they can change your whole face shape and they can go horribly horribly wrong. Trust me I have had my fair share of bad fringe experiences! So Blow offer a try out, a clip in ‘faux bang’ that’s cut to your desired shape for £25, instant game changer you can update your look and if you think you could go full haul then you have a clip in saved for those pesky growing out months!
Dress – Coco & Cleo


  • Reply last year's girl May 5, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    I do need mine cut back in…

    And dear god, your hair is GLORIOUS right now.

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