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Reaching a specific number of followers on Instagram might not seem that big of a deal, and when it’s not even at 100k what’s the point in marking the occasion?

Well 30k might not seem like much to people with 100k+ but I would be lying if I said that instagram has had nothing to do with my blogging career, in reality it has had a massive impact on my career and I want to take a moment to thank my followers for listening to me, for reading my blog posts, for supporting me and more importantly helping me make my passion and hobby my full time job.

And whilst thanking everyone is all well and good I wanted to do something more. I got in contact with some of my favourite brands, the ones you see over and over again on my feed, to arrange this competition, I am actually pretty jealous of the person who wins this lot!

So head over to my instagram to win a massive pink care package full of goodies from some of the brands I love and just incase you want a little more info here is a quick lo down of why I love them all.


Illamasqua is a make up brand after my own heart, alternative and cruelty free! Need I say more? The primer is hands down the best on the market and you couldn’t find a better brow gel if you tried.


Sarah Hill make up is created in Scotland, full of glitter, fun and more importantly tested on grannies! Thought up by make up mastermind Sarah Hill it’s a perfect way to support a local girl boss.


Nouveau Lashes are possibly the best eyelashes I have ever used, and that’s saying something! They come in a vast array of styles and shapes so they cater for everyone. I love them so much I’m giving away three of my favourite pairs to one lucky person!


Nica bags are vegan (even though they don’t advertise that), beautiful and stylish. Not only do they make beautiful bags the team at Nica has supported me from a very early stage, taking me down on my first press trips to London to cover their preview days and even designing and naming a bag after me!


Annie Haak is a London based jewellery designer that gives me serious life envy, she spends half her time in London and half her time in Bali. Maybe thats why I feel such an affinity with the brand, it’s designed in Bali my spiritual home from home.


Tallulah’s threads is made in the UK, and is one of the cutest brands I’ve come across. Covered in unicorns, flamingos and ice cream the oversized dresses suit every shape and size. Obviously my favourite for this season is the cream and pink unicorn dress!

So go and enter and good luck!

All my love x


  1. Roxie Watt March 21, 2016 / 1:17 pm

    30K is an amazing achievement – congratulations! I’m not surprised you’ve reached your milestone, your Instagram feed is beautiful.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. Charlene eastcroft March 22, 2016 / 8:45 am

    Congratulations on hitting 30k,that’s amazingKeep up the hard work & I’m very certain you will go moreX

  3. Eli March 22, 2016 / 9:20 am

    Congratulations on your 30K milestone! It takes quite some work and determination to reach it so you definitely deserve a big thumbs up!!

    Eli // Samples Queen

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